My first day at Telluride East

Today was the first full day of the Telluride Eastern Conference. For me it was an inspiring and intensely thought-provoking day.

The day began with introductions. It became quickly apparent that I was probably one of the least credentialed students at the conference. The conference is made up of are PhD candidates, human factors engineers, ER nurses, MD students with master’s in public policy, former peace corps workers, and other equally impressive people who have all established themselves as leaders in their specific field. Additionally, the faculty members leading the conference are the foremost leaders in patient quality and safety in the country. They come from all different walks of life, from business to nursing to an actual family whose child was killed by a medical error, each offering a different perspective on how to improve patient quality and safety.

I could think of no better group of people to advance the cause of patient quality and safety than the people who have collected here at Turf Valley and I’m extremely honored just to be part of the group. I’m excited for the transformation that I’m sure to undergo during this week and look forward to sharing it with you.

Jamie Holloman