I am so so grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend Patient Safety Camp. As the week progressed I started to wish that everyone could attend something like this; I will be highly recommending it when I get back to school. Since I know that everyone cannot attend Patient Safety Camp, I started thinking about how I could carry this information back to Indy and take with me wherever I go after that. My school has a Patient Safety elective (of which I am on the waitlist for), but beyond that we are given no formal training in the Patient Safety Culture. I’m going to sit down with my Integrative Medicine group e-board and see if we can get Patient Safety education to be one of our platforms. I’m likely jumping ahead of myself (as I often do) but we could do a series over the course of the year on the following topics offering either free food or competency credit (which are the only real ways to get med students to come to your events haha):

  • Transparency
  • Do the right thing. Period.
  • Communication (and its barriers)
  • Mindfulness
  • Anticipating Human Error
  • Informed Consent and Shared Decision Making (We’re Choosing Wisely *snap* *snap*)

And if all else fails, I will be talking about this experience to anyone who will listen for years to come I’m sure.

Thank you Dave, Paul, Kathy, Anne, Tracy, Patti and David Skolnik, Stacey, The Doctors Company Foundation, and all of the new friends I have made here for an amazing experience. And a huge thank you to all of the families that have been suffered through a medical error and somewhere in their sadness saw an opportunity to teach others.