Patient safety and quality is paramount

Telluride patient safety roundtable Day #1
Today was a very powerful day and I anticipate more is to come throughout the week. I was moved by a lot of the stories, and ideas. Something that resonated with me was the idea of mindfulness. I thought this is very crucial to constantly be aware of your own biases, mental processes and judgment in evaluating situations. I think this idea, in addition to building a more collegial medical team and including the patient’s family in medical rounds and discussion could potentially have saved the life of Lewis Blackman.
General thoughts on the day: It is safe to conclude that patient safety and quality is paramount in health care. Just as we invest in medical research, and technological innovation we should invest in learning and implementing tools and systems to ensure quality care and a safe environment. After all, you will think it unwise to spend hours and resources inventing a wheel and no time or very little ensuring it is made properly and doesn’t fall off.

I hope for more interesting and enlighten engagement throughout the week.