Pre-Telluride: Honoring a Military Veteran, a Grandmother

My grandmother is a military veteran that served in Desert Storm as a nurse. After returning home, she needed a knee replacement surgery and agreed to have what was supposed to be a routine procedure. The routine procedure ended in the development of a staph infection that was left untreated for several days despite her numerous complaints and requests to see the physician. The neglect in care resulted in the fusion of her knee. Patient safety and quality is important to me because I have watched the difficulties my grandmother has experienced as a result of an unexpected outcome that could have been prevented.

I Choose to attend Telluride because patient safety and quality must be a priority in healthcare, and it begins with education and collaboration among future and current healthcare professionals and administrators. I want to be a part of the progression and advocacy of patient safety and deliver quality care to my future patients. I believe the Telluride Experience will have a positive impact on the way I view patient care and have an overall impact on the future of medicine.