Pre-Telluride Experience Post: A Nursing Leader’s Perspective on Patient Safety

I am honored to be attending the Telluride Experience in Breckenridge, CO. I have been a nurse for four years on a Medical-Oncology unit (3Bles) at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH). I joined the Hospital Practice Council (HPC) at MGUH in order to be a part of the changes in the nursing profession and practice at the hospital. As a member of the HPC I have assisted with updating nursing policies, witnessed the fourth magnet designation at MGUH and connected with leaders in the hospital in order to deliver safe nursing care to the patients. Next month, I will become the co-lead for the HPC. As the co-lead of HPC, I will be responsible for holding monthly meetings, inviting other health care professionals to our meetings to discuss new policies and current practices, and ensure that the policies are updated and reviewed by the appropriate staff members before the policy is officially in place.

I chose to attend the Telluride Experience because I want to connect with other leaders, doctors, nurses, and medical students, and discover ways to improve patient safety in the healthcare system. I want to take back new and exciting information about patient safety to my unit and the Hospital Practice Council at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Patient safety is integral to good patient care. I believe in order to provide safe care to patients, the health care system must provide a safe and reliable facility, hard working leaders, providers who follow the hospital guidelines and policies that are in place, and a system that encourages the providers to speak up when something is not right. It takes a team to provide safe care.

I am excited to join a new team at the Telluride Experience! I look forward to sharing my own patient safety experiences and hearing from other providers and their own safety experiences. Safe travels to everyone – see you in Colorado!