Pre-Telluride: Filling the Gaps of Care

As a provider of obstetrics and gynecology, I have vowed to care for others without causing harm. The idea of balancing beneficence and non-maleficence is an idea that has captivated me, especially as a learner in residency.  One way in which I am exploring that balance is through my resident research project, studying patient outcomes and need for additional procedures with residents versus staff physicians performing LEEP procedures.  My interest involves exploring patient care and patient safety as it relates to resident training to provide an atmosphere in which both parties benefit.


In attending this conference, my goal is to identify potential safety concerns for my patients so that we as a healthcare system can implement interventions and make care safer for the people we are working to treat.  Thousands of patients each year are affected by gaps in care.  Too many of these go unnoticed.  It is my hope to rededicate to a more prominent and constantly improving culture of safety at my program so that these gaps are identified and filled.