Pre-Telluride Post

I wanted to attend the Telluride Experience primarily for two reasons. First, because I feel that it is crucial to understand the perspectives of fellow healthcare workers in order to provide truly holistic care. Second, because I feel that experiences such as this reinvigorate and recharge my passion for healthcare.

I work with a challenging population in inpatient hospital medicine which requires a lot of team coordination in order to manage. It is easy to get frustrated with interdisciplinary peers when we do not see the full picture of what everyone is doing behind the scenes. I feel that I have a broader sense than some in that I worked at the bedside as an RN for five years, and now as an NP for almost 2. However, interacting with other healthcare workers always deepens my sense of camaraderie and helps me to visualize and appreciate what every discipline brings to the table.

It is also easy to become burnt out seeing the same patients readmitted for the same problems numerous times. I always enjoy spending time with other healthcare providers to remind myself why I entered this profession in the first place.