I chose to attend the Telluride summer camp because during my graduate NP program I took a course this spring semester entitled “Performance Improvement and Patient Safety”. This course was engaging, inspiring, and nothing like I had taken before.  Emphasis on evidence based patient safety and quality improvement. It was only fitting that I found out about the Telluride experience from this course and then applied. Patient safety is integral to good patient care because despite all the progress made in patient safety since The Institute of Medicines report the To Err Is Human: Building Safer Health System (1999), medical errors remain extremely common and healthcare systems can do much more to prevent them. As healthcare and the system that delivers it become more complex, the opportunities for errors abound. The culture of medicine has created this expectation of perfection and it attributes errors to carelessness or incompetence.

I would love to take away from this experience the confidence to speak up and be an advocate for patient safety as an advanced care provider. I am here to learn. Very excited for this experience.