Hi all,

This is my time first blogging ever so hopefully I don’t mess it up!

Day one of telluride summer camp in the books. I cannot say enough about how enlightening of an experience has been so far! In one day of summer camp I have had more formal training and discussion on patiently safety the in 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency.

Today has only sparked more interest in how my own hospital handles safety situations and scenarios where we do harm to our patients. We have discussed what we would do in hindsight or after the fact and we talk about what the correct and safest course of action but is what is done in reality? Is this what we are doing on our daily rounds or routinely in the OR?

I feel like today has been a big reality check and am looking forward to building on concepts and skills to encorporate this future of medical and hospital culture.

on another note, hot tube #1 and hot tub #2 are awesome after a long day of trekking up the gondolas!