Reflecting on the Telluride Experience – Napa, CA 2019

It has already been a week since my time in Napa came to a close, but I find myself continuing to reflect on all that I have learned. I was speaking with Helen on our last day when I told her that the Telluride Experience was truly life-changing. Although that may sound dramatic or hyperbolic, I believe that I will practice medicine differently now that I’ve attended the Academy. I am so fortunate to work at MedStar Georgetown where patient safety is a priority, full disclosure is encouraged after a medical error, and safety initiatives are being implemented continuously. The biggest change I anticipate moving forward, therefore, is within myself. Having met Helen, Jack, Teresa, Carole, and Steve – hearing their stories and speaking with them afterwards – I can no longer be complacent about patient safety because I can now place a name and face to medical error. The numbers are not merely statistics but real people with families and friends and lives outside of the hospital. I can no longer ignore that. I believe that I can improve my practice by acknowledging this fact but also by consciously combating premature closure as I noted in earlier blog posts. Thank you to everyone involved with the Telluride Experience. I am beyond grateful.