Day 3.

First, how can life not feel great when you start the day with a hike in the mountains? Second, reflection: We are encouraged throughout this week to continue our conversations beyond the conference – hiking, at happy hour, during dinner, etc.; however, you know where the real magic happens? In the locked and dangling glass cases of emotions that are the daily gondola rides. That’s were the stories and ideas emerge! Today I was in a gondola with six other female physicians of varying specialities. We discussed how good it felt today to open up about the loss of our patients and the support (or lack of) we get in these moments. So many times we just need to talk it out, feel heard, and feel validated. These conversations are cleansing and necessary. I think what my big take away from today is recognizing that just as I need these moments of reflection with my peers, so does EVERYONE on our healthcare team. As a soon to be attending, I will make this my mission to make sure that everyone, from every aspect of a patient’s care team, has these moments to share their voice, their version of the story, and feel heard.