Reflection on Day 3

Today was an incredible day of learning, team-building, and communication. I think the most profound thing I learned from today as well as Day 1 is that medical mistakes happen, and how we treat the outcome has an enormous ripple effect on everyone. I was welling up with so much emotion during the viewing of “Bleeding Out.” Even now as I type this, I am still feeling some level of disbelief by how an enormous healthcare system with the power and privilege to help their patients when medical mistakes happen, instead decides to stone wall and refuse to acknowledge any true responsibility on their part. I am especially disappointed in the fact that even while knowing that Steve’s mom was a victim of a horrendous event, Steve’s uncle Ted still decide to turn back on his family out of possible fear of facing judgment from his peers.  Other things that came to mind today was that I had never heard of “eICU”. The eICU is a strong example of how technology can never fully replace the human component of medicine, and policies should be put in place to ensure that technological advancements actually enhance the patient care experience, not destroy and abandon the core values of “do no harm.” In summation, though, I am so glad that a film like this exists, and I believe everyone in healthcare should be required to see this film, as well as Helen’s film, to fully understand the crisis that our country is going through and be one step closer to the standard that aviation and other transportation industries hold themselves to.