Reflection on Telluride Experience

During the past week my eyes have been opened to patient safety in health care.  Through actively listening to the lectures and taking part in the activities, I have realized that there are numerous issues with the way healthcare is currently practiced.  Some of the most powerful experiences were watching the videos of poor outcomes. In the case of Lewis Blackman,  it was clear that the healthcare staff needs to  Think outside of the box, speak to the patient’s family in more detail, and further investigate issues that may seem benign. In the case of Michael Skolnik, It is clear that there needs to be a more detailed informed consent process, even if negative consequences seem much less likely. I believe that Residents should get multifaceted training in order to become the best physicians possible  and as such would benefit from viewing the aforementioned videos with followup discussion and training. Hope to stay in touch with many faculty members. Thanks for everything!