Reflection Post-Day 1

I thought the Wall of Silence made me cry, but today’s video made me cry just as much; I couldn’t even bring myself to comment or share my thoughts afterwards because the thought of speaking on what we just watched made me tear up even more. Being able to see and hear from the people on the other side of patient safety events is eye opening. Like Carole said, we need to remove some of those labels (i.e. hysterical) that we use or hear our coworkers use.

And being around this group of such open-minded individuals is such a positive experience. I wish I could make everyone in healthcare have such open minds with a concern for the greater good of patients and their families–I guess this is where I need to be the first dancing guy. I love being able to hear from both the nursing professionals and doctors/medical students.

Talking about patient safety, I was wondering if studies have been done on safe doctor to patient ratios on different units/specialties like they have with nursing?