Reflection Post-Day 3

This week so far has been an emotional roller coaster, hopefully for the greater good of all patients.

Watching Bleed Out, I felt like there was such a breakdown at so many levels; I don’t understand why everyone can’t just admit to a tiny fault instead of trying to put the entire blame on one person. The hospital seemed to fail not only the patient and family, but also the nurse (coming from a nurses’ perspective). The greed of the insurance companies and others in healthcare to not care about others of our kind blows my mind-and the way they keep it a secret from the rest of the public. Imagine the outrage if people realized they were paying for these medical mistakes instead of the facility/people at fault!

I want so many more people to come through this program to hopefully have a change of heart. And not just emerging leaders; I want experienced healthcare professionals to see the harm healthcare can do.