What an incredible setting to get out with everyone to enjoy fresh air, fun/ light conversation, and breathtaking views. Starting the day with the hike I think really put everyone in a team-like and accomplished mindset to then wrap up day 3, our final full day. I am so appreciative of the candor and humanism each facilator has offered us from the get go, and it certainly didn’t change today. Topics on Just Culture and Caring for the Caregiver really hit home for me because I have been heavily introduced to these at MedStar Georgetown. Caring for the Caregiver has been working to improve burn out, satisfaction, and retention on the nursing end. As new nurses, we were stressed that this exceptional program is our ear when we need someone to listen, and our shoulder when we need something to lean on. It was so great seeing this taught to medical professionals from all over the country. Likewise, Carole initiating conversation on the power of stories and communication being all aspects of body and language combined, made for an incredible discussion. I was truly humbled by her heart and trust in us to tell what, at the very least, is the most difficult and emotional story of her life. Not only did that reflect her point that stories are powerful tools of communication, but it made each of us think seriously about what it will take to have those important conversations with patients and/or families, remembering they come first, last, and everything in between. I had a wonderful day reflecting on my purpose for this conference and for my career. Silence was nothing less than refreshing, and I am so thankful to be lead in the directions I was this week.