Reflections from Day 1- Staying Informed

As we discussed the various topics related to patient safety today, I kept thinking about all my personal experiences and experiences from other colleagues from positive to negative outcomes. What really struck me the most today was Lewis’ story and unfortunately mishaps such as this happen much too frequently. I am constantly taught in my curriculum to always integrate the patient and family members in the plan of care, because patient and family members know themselves best. It was unfortunate in Lewis’ situation that they were not well informed of everything that had happened to Lewis’ care every step of the way, even until Helen was called to the conference room in the end. Had Lewis and Helen been active, well informed members in Lewis’ care, the outcome may have been different.

As a healthcare provider and family member of someone who was recently hospitalized at a large institution, I, too, personally felt overwhelmed by everything that was done for my family member’s care. It made me reflect on how terrifying a hospitalization may be for patients and family members, even as a healthcare provider myself. A lot of providers were on board in my family member’s care but it was very difficult to stay informed due to constant changes in staff members. There wasn’t clear communication on what was the plan for my family member unless I persisted to question.

We must be cognizant to fully inform patients and their family members of the care that we are providing and the plan that we have. There must also be mutual agreement in the care provided. These are things that we need to learn and recognize as we become providers and care for our patients. We need to learn from ours and other’s mistakes and improve the quality of healthcare that we provide.