As I watched the Michael Skolnik story today… I wept. I wept for what Michael and his family  had to endure. I wept for Patty and David.  I wept for the promise of a great kid come to a close. I wept in fear of what if that was my son .

I related to Patty when she said she was “vulnerable in the moment”, and reflected on my emergency room visits with my own children.  The nurse with 20 years experience, defers to the physician willing to fix the gash or the broken elbow at any cost. I did not question, I did not counter… I was at the mercy of their presence and expertise. I plead with the anesthesiologist to take care of my most precious gift.

I realize that even with all of my inter-professional education experience, I have been missing a huge component. The patient and family are  a huge part of the equation. The patient and family need to be educated as to how to be a patient before they are in a hospital encounter.

The value of an educated consumer cannot be underestimated, and may have the power to change the healthcare conversation… from “Do as I say” to  “What are your thoughts about how to proceed”. It is a power shift, and I wonder how long it will take to gain collective steam.

I am so appreciative of this experience. I have met a phenomenal group of young people and faculty.  I hope to keep in touch with you all for many, many year to come.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and for affirming my notion of .. not only is this important work, but there are fabulous people fighting the good fight.

Thank you Paul, Wendy, KPW, Dave, Dr. Sherwood, Tracy, Anne, Roger, Patty and Stacey for a phenomenal week that I will cherish and integrate into my doctoral research.