Remembering the fundamentals

Day 1 at the Telluride patient safety experience was a good refresher course for me to reinvigorate and bolster myself to persue the same goals and ethics that I wanted to work with in my career when I started my psychiatry residency journey.  During the past two years as I went through the rigors of my residency training, I  felt that  some of the most crucial principles taught to us during our orientations had lost their sheen abraded by the stress of getting things done as an assignment to deliver rather than  a passion to heal another human body and soul.

There were multiple instances during the sessions today where I found myself to be critically  analyzing my own communications with the interprofessional team that I had during the last two years. I am glad that I will be taking home with myself some helpful tips to Improve my communication with the members of the health care team and be  more effective team player and care giver. Listening to the nurses and other  doctors was helpful in understanding the different ways they get obstructed to give a transparent and effective care and their ways to deal with these obstacles was enlightening.

Today’s session put a lot of emphasis on  effective communication and transparency towards not only the patients and families but also the entire health care team. Accepting our fallacies has enormous influence on healing of the patients or their families but also for use as physicians who also have vested interest in  patients. It encourages the culture of bringing change for improving quality of care and patient safety while accepting the fact the we are also human and cannot be infallible.