As I settle back into my daily routine with kids, husband and house… I think of the friends I made this week and two words come to mind…. ROCK STARS.

On the initial day when we each stood up, two by two, I was so impressed with the accomplishments of a group that seemed so young.  I was even more impressed when I met and interacted with each of you and got to know you better.  All of you have such a nice balance of intelligence, personality, humility, and ambition.  You are all rock stars and I have no doubt – you will be great leaders in your respective fields.

Since the conference, Patty Skolnik opened my eyes to the importance of patient engagement and activation.  All this time I have been focusing on inter-professional teamwork and communication, which although vital, are only half of the safety equation. I plan on incorporating patient engagement and activation into my doctoral research, along with tele-health modalities.

I am so very lucky to have attended this conference with such phenomenal students and faculty. I am optimistic for your future and for the patients and peers you interact with. Don’t be afraid to speak up, don’t be afraid to question. If anyone gives you a hard time, tell them that you are trying to be a champion of patent safety… a.k.a… a rock star!!