Safety and quality first

Having been a patient multiple times, going through surgeries and what not, I’m always anxious about what could go wrong. This anxiety sometimes translates into fear, what would happen medically, human or system errors and the outcome for me. These feelings have impacted the way I care for my patients leading to a desire to improve the patient experience by positively impacting treatment outcomes, promoting the kind of quality care I like to receive and mitigating errors that could arise from the process of care. I wanted to attend the Telluride camp to learn more about doing this. I once worked as a quality improvement consultant in a pediatric facility but the view/experience is a bit different when you are providing direct patient care vs non-direct patient care. I’m here to use my past experience and the knowledge from this camp to change my practice and drive change in my department/hospital. I’m looking forward to learning from the faculty and my colleagues.
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