Session 1 Reflection on leadership

Today was such a meaningful first session with many sobering realities of healthcare. I am so grateful and truly moved by hearing Helen’s story about Lewis and took everything that happened in that case to heart. It was so frustrating to watch the train-wreck unfold in the video, and hear other stories about how healthcare has failed so many people it set out to save. As a relatively new nurse of only two years, I am encouraged and determined to spend the rest of my career invested in making a difference in patient safety and promoting transparency to patients and families.

I enjoyed the video of the shirtless dancing man, and how it was clear that not him, but the first follower initiated the snowball effect of others joining in the act. This really encouraged me to think about how I can start, or even just be the first to join in on a safety initiative in my hospital and on my unit. I’m looking forward to being a part of the rest of this week’s sessions and discussions.