Social Media for Student Scholars and Twitter #TPSER7

Moving in step with the quickly changing times related to the exchange of information, health-related and otherwise, we will be both blogging and supporting a Twitter conversation throughout this year’s meeting. For those who are not familiar with healthcare blogs or blogging, here is a link to one notable physician-led blog for inspiration – KevinMD – who you will see has built a strong following with his daily feed on a number of timely healthcare topics.

For those of you not yet on Twitter, you can quickly and easily sign up for an account at Hash tags, or ways of grouping related information on Twitter similar to blog tags, are used for just about every subject you can imagine in the Twitterverse. The hashtag for this year’s meeting, #TPSR7, will allow all who “tweet” throughout the week at Telluride to search for that hashtag, and see what everyone has learned, experienced or “tweeted”. As an example, if you search Twitter for the hashtag #ptsafety, the result will show all the folks on Twitter talking about patient safety, and who have thought to call attention to the topic.This is also a good hashtag to include in your tweets, as it will let others focused on the same topic listen in on our discussions throughout the week in this beautiful mountain town. And finally, 140 characters is the limit on Tweets, so choose words that leave an impact!