Springboards – Day 2

Today was filled with so many rich and important learning topics. I have continued to enjoy all of the videos we get to watch. Particularly, the Please See Me video was incredibly moving and a beautiful way to start the day. The healthcare IT lecture was such an engaging and interesting topic to include in this experience. I learned so much about the socio-political landscape surrounding EMRs from Dr. Classen and found a genuine interest in this very important intersection of healthcare, politics, and technology. The closing talk from John Nance ended with a story that I almost wish was recorded. Mr. Nance’s immersive recounting of his personal experience as a flight commander with and his teamwork coaching towards the loader felt so applicable to medicine. Dr. Mayer’s example of the 18-22 year old traffic controllers on the aircraft carrier was similarly inspiring. Overall, I truly enjoyed today’s programming that unearthed a personal interest, inspired me with true stories, and exposed me to other leadership training programs that I can pursue in the future. All of these things are acting as springboards into my future pursuits and interests while I am on this journey of finding my place in making healthcare more safe and reliable for all patients!