The past several days in Telluride have far exceeded any opportunity I could have ever imagined. I left Virginia on Wednesday feeling exhausted and disengaged. I was tired from the long hours at work and the endless challenges with grad school. I was frustrated by the slow progress of change within our health system, and I was starting to disengage from my patients, trying to protect myself from getting completely burnt out. All of those feelings quickly dissipated once I got to Telluride. The stories and the moments we have shared together as faculty and students have changed my perspective and have re-engaged my heart and mind. My purpose as a future nurse leader is now clearer than ever. The bonds and experiences we have shared, as a group of young healthcare professionals is difficult to describe. It is without a doubt that our group is dedicated to improving our healthcare system and will make great strides in helping to better the quality, safety, and personalized nature of the care we provide wherever our education and careers may take us. With the tremendous support and encouragement of our Telluride faculty we will transform the future of medicine. We are innovative, energetic, engaged and determined to make things better. We are a group of first followers, seeking out brave leaders, and speaking up for much needed change. And most importantly we are humans, caring for patients as people. Leaving is both difficult and exciting. It’s hard to walk away from something so positive and productive, but it’s exciting to see what is next. I look forward to continuing the relationships that began in Telluride and will always think back to our time together when things get challenging or when we’re faced with resistance. I am hopeful for our future and inspired to keep moving forward. Thank you, AELPS16 alumni and faculty!