Telluride 10th Anniversary Patient Safety Summer Camps Kick Off Monday, June 9th

Mountains in the background on Bear Creek hike

On Monday, June 9th the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps will begin their 10th year, thanks in part to the generous and continued support of The Doctors Company Foundation (@doctorscompany), COPIC, CIR (@CIRSEIU) and MedStar Health (@MedStarHealth, @MedStarSafety). As the yearly preparations come to a close for faculty, including Summer Camp creator, Dave Mayer MD (@dmayer33), the trek and education are set to begin once again. This year, anticipated attendance will include 130 resident physicians, medical and nursing students and faculty from as far off as Australia.

It’s true that change in healthcare can sometimes feel like dog years passing, but it only takes a week at the patient safety summer camps in Telluride to remind us that educating the young is also ripe with rejuvenation for the older generation if open to the wisdom, passion and idealism of youth. As the social media organizer and blogger for the camp the last 3 years, I have watched the learning curve of our incoming students in this area leap forward, and I look forward to what I will learn about how medical students and residents of today are utilizing this tool in both education and healthcare delivery. Having recently watched in awe the live tweeting of a kidney transplant from the University of Utah (see Live Tweeting a Kidney Transplant @UofUHealthcare), I look forward to not only teaching, but hearing about their related experiences.

New in 2014 is our Telluride Summer Camp website and relocation of the blog from our old Transparent Health home. You can comment here on the blog, as well as stay connected over the summer via Twitter @TPSSC, @tgranz & @dmayer33. Our hashtag is #TPSER10 and we welcome anyone interested in patient safety, patient-centered care, quality in healthcare, medical education and more to join the conversation. We will also be cross-posting on Educate the Young (@EducatetheYoung) and you can follow Paul Levy’s posts on his blog, Not Running A Hospital or on Twitter (@paulflevy).

Stay tuned for live coverage coming from Telluride soon!