Telluride day 1-Regina Holliday!!


I had a selfish reason to suggest Regina Holliday to the planning committee of the Telluride, I should confess. It has been 10 years since Fred, Regina’s husband, has passed away and she has had her own conference a week before Telluride. She invited all jacket owners. I could not get days off in a row but I wanted to meet her so bad; we knew each other for a while and we were messaging each other regularly but never met. Knowing how close she was to the Turf Valley Resort and how wonderful she would be as a speaker, I decided to suggest the idea to Stacy, the planning guru of this camp. Regina told me she was coming after it was finalized! I was so excited and she did a wonderful job in everything she did at the conference. I am so glad I have asked and so grateful to Dr Mayer who has taken the idea. It truly made my day and kicked off the camp with a great start.

Artist’s statement about the jacket she painted for me: In this painting your father’s necktie is the periwinkle blue of the ribbon for esophageal cancer.  The meaning of periwinkle is everlasting love and the beginning of friendship.  Hibiscus syriacus is the flower of South Korea and it means eternity and inexhaustible abundance.

Regina’s work, the Walking Gallery of Healthcare, is a true gift to make conversations of medical error to keep going. Art is a medium that makes empathy possible. Whether it is a painting, a movie, or a writing, it connects to the artist and the observer to the experience of what is going on in the medium. Making time to be connected to art is important in this way, and Regina’s work is a perfect example for patient experience.

I look forward to work with her journey as an artist and spread her work like wildfire!