Telluride Day 2 by Lauren Sontag

We are just back to our condo after a wonderful family dinner of resident scholars and faculty. Like family, at any one time along the big tables we were giving each other a hard time, laughing, problem solving, enjoying the moment and deciding how we want to act when we are “grown up” by the example of our elders. Today we came together as a group. It was also the first day I have thought that I wouldn’t be alone in my undertakings after Telluride. In conversation, I heard friends express the same sentiment: It’s going to be easier going forward knowing that everyone else is out there doing this work, too. It is easy to feel like you’re on an island when you’re in the thick of a project nobody else seems to prioritize. Keeping in touch after this week to both stay motivated and to not lose hope is going to be important, I think.