Telluride day #2 reflection

Wow-my initial feeling after today’s session was one of being overwhelmed with information. There were so many great discussions and learning points. One reflection during my ride back to the lodge was that I wish I had to take a gondola ride to and from work back in Cleveland. The beauty and serenity is priceless! My second reflection was on the importance of making sure my patients are acknowledged for their opinions, emotions, and unique importance. I might deal with 10 patients a day who have hypertension, but the way each of those 10 people view their health and high blood pressure, feel about their condition and it’s impact in their life, and access to resources vary tremendously. If I can take the time to listen to their story and relate to them in a unique way then the outcomes will be better. I have found that more patients comply with treatment when they feel I care about them and not just the diagnosis. It is important to look beyond the diagnosis and make sure the patient has the economic, social, and other resources to make sure they can comply with treatment. Furthermore, studies have shown that when a mistake is made, patients are less likely to sue if they have a good relationship with their provider and open communication. The main point is to not treat a patient like the 10th patient with hypertension, but a very unique and important patient that comes with different thoughts, feelings, and background.