Telluride Experience Day 2

My take away points:

Multiple examples were again demonstrated showing the importance of teamwork and communication. Its amazing how complex something so simple can be. The importance of breaking down the barriers in our healthcare system, though improving, still have a long way to go.

Multiple outlines for proper sign offs were presented. None of which I currently use. I-PASS-the-BUTON has proven to work, and I plan to bring this back and present to my residency.

Am I afraid to call the Attending regarding a patient? Is asking for help a reflection on me? What would have to be happening for me to call? Let me bring this up and compile a list.

Informed consent: Hey Intern…go get consent. Should this happen? If systemness is the way of the future, why not improve the system? Why shouldn’t every patient thats getting a central line placed be told the exact same thing in the exact same manner? Aren’t the risks always the same? Yes, there are various reasons one would need a central line, but can’t they all be standardized, videotaped and shown to the patient and family for all non-urgent cases and then have time to ask questions to the provider after its watched? Can’t this be done for every procedure?