Telluride Experience Day 3

I would say The Telluride Experience has continuously kept me motivated and perpetuating towards patient safety. We started the morning with a hike to almost 800 ft. This was quite interesting as it gave us a chance to socialize amongst each other learn our strengths and weakness. After the hiking we showered freshened up, ate lunch and then when to lecture. I noticed each day when Dr. Mayers started his lecture and he mentioned one person that was consistent, that person was Jeff Skiles. I liked the quote that Jeff Skiles used which was, “it is vastly more important to identify the hazard and threat to safety, than to identify and punish an individual for a mistake.” I believe this is a major statement because it demonstrates amongst the healthcare team how individuals act and react. In addition it diffuses that anxiety of always being terrified to do anything because of the fear of losing your license or being punished.

Following the great introduction by Dr. Mayer, Mr. John Nance came to the floor. John Nance explained to us, the health care professional’s aviation’s and how they are trained, to be able to adjust when a situation are bad and be able to react to any event that may lead to harm on individuals. John Nance also emphasized we should use the theory of education and why we should use it Lastly.  Lastly, the major thing that impacted me emotionally was the documentary by Steve Burrows. Steve Burrows is a complete role model as he demonstrated resilience and did not give up when all the odds seemed impossible. Watching Steve’s film reminded me of David battling Goliath. One thing that peaked my view during the video was how in almost every error that leads to human harm a medication is involved. I believe there should be more adjustments made in the healthcare system that addresses medications especially when they are narrow therapeutic index drugs. I just want to thank Steve Burrows for attending this event and showing us his documentary. I believe he, his mother, and all the other individuals that have experienced harm due to health care error will one day change the future healthcare for the better.