Telluride Napa Day 1

After wrapping up day one of the Telluride Summer Camp in Napa, I felt extremely grateful for getting the chance to come hear the stories and experience the knowledge of the enthusiastic staff and speakers. Helen’s video was truly eye opening to me as I’m personally often guilty of premature closure. Being conscious of this and understanding how detrimental it can be will without a doubt be my major takeaway from the morning. I also want to thank Helen for having the courage to continue the patient safety fight by reliving this awful experience over and over so people like us can learn from her tragic experience.

As we moved into the afternoon, I’m going to say my favorite activity was the domino game. Being a nurse, experiencing the lack of direct communication between physicians and nurses is just something we have to prepare ourselves for and hope we’re getting it right. I think it’s fantastic that the med students at the Telluride Summer Camp are learning this now, and witnessing first hand how others can interpret what they assume is a clear cut order.

Looking forward to day two!

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