Telluride Napa: Day 2

It was another amazing day in Napa. Some of my favorite parts of the day involved our guests and faculty that shared their stories and served on a panel. We were introduced to Jack’s story today and I was inspired by his positive outlook after his medical error occurred. It shows pure determination and supports the premise that be open and honest as a provider, such as his provider was with him, can preserve a patient-provider relationship.  I also really appreciated the panel discussion that we had with Carol, Helen, and Jack. They each had there own input on a variety of patient safety questions and how the family responded to their specific events. They also highlighted the importance of communication between providers and families. After our programming today, we were able to go to a reception offered by The Doctor’s Company. It was such a nice experience and I was glad I was able to share it with such a great group of people. I look forward to the rest of the week!