Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp: Week Two Begins! #TPSER8

Under gorgeous blue skies and immersed in the cool crisp summer air, the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp: Week Two begins! With students from New York to California and everywhere in between, the Patient Safety Summer Camp opens for its 8th consecutive year. As with prior Summer Camps, the week will focus on the application and implementation of methods for engaging in open, honest, and effective communication with patients and families throughout the therapeutic relationship.

This week the students will enjoy learning alongside faculty who also hail from a multitude of near and far away places. From nearby Colorado communities all the way to Sydney, Australia, California, New York, and Illinois—all have traveled to Telluride to share their own experience and learn from the students as well. As always, the faculty also includes patient advocates – an essential component to all prior Telluride Patient Safety Roundtables.

Throughout the week, this diverse group will tackle some of the tough issues and barriers associated with providing honest communication to patients and families, such as dealing with disruptive behavior in the workplace. Through a series of large and small group discussions, role play, and “games” the group will become fully immersed in identifying solutions to the problems of ineffective or dysfunctional communication in the healthcare environment. As the week unfolds, it will become clear that all of the participants will leave with an entirely new and positive perspective on ways to improve patient safety and quality outcomes.