Telluride Pre-post

I am looking forward to attending the Telluride experience next week! I first became aware of this amazing opportunity through my AGACNP program and saw it as a wonderful learning experience that would not only positively influence my practice as a current bedside RN but also impact my future practice as an APRN. Patient safety has been, and continues to be, an ongoing concern in the health care industry that presents many areas of opportunity and has great room for improvements. I think creating an environment where patient safety is in the forefront of the minds of those delivering care can greatly impact patient outcomes and positively influence the overall quality of health care that we are able to provide. I am very passionate about “do no harm” – and this all begins with identification of patient safety issues and implementation of improvement strategies.  I am looking forward to brainstorming and working with likeminded individuals that all have a common goal in mind – increase patient safety.