Telluride Reflection

Thank you for a rich and unique learning experience. One of my favorite parts of the conference was seeing the transformation of the group over the three days… sharing ideas, experiences, and laughter.

The current culture of healthcare has a great many opportunities to challenge old ways of thinking, particularly as it pertains to a more loving, courageous and wisdom-guided environment. Depending on one’s home institution, the degree to which the culture welcomes transparency, process improvement, blame avoidance, and respectful, interdisciplinary collaboration varies widely.  While grass roots efforts are one way to promote this kind of change within healthcare, this approach can consume time and ‘bandwidth’ in an already challenging healthcare environment.

I wonder if there are more expedient ways to influence our Hospital / Division/ Department leaders and thus, the values and core culture of the institution, in order to facilitate a more Telluride-like culture.

Thank you again for an incredible experience!