The Great Inspiring beauty of Telluride

I never ventured out of the Florida and Georgia area, so getting a chance to see Colorado has been an amazing and inspiring experience. There are few things I enjoy more than driving so I decided to take on the 7 hour trek to Telluride after flying into Denver from Tampa, Florida. It was easily one of the most memorable experiences in my life. The natural beauty that I witnessed in Colorado and Telluride left me breathless and nearly in tears. I never imagined that something can be so perfectly created. Coincidentally I am at this summer camp discussing patient safety, where learning how to perfect our healthcare system comes naturally. Thanks to a wonderful faculty and the serenity of Telluride I had the fortune of seeing some incredible minds being inspired today. It is truly amazing to see so many of my future colleagues care so much about their patients. It is an absolute honor to be here.