The Telluride Experience Day 1

I was very excited to see what was in store for us. I believe the first day exceeded my expectations as it was filled with inspirational speakers that had personal encounters with health care error leading to a lost life of someone very dear to them. Dr. Mayer did a good job of setting the tone making us think and reflect of why we applied to this program and what we want to gain from this experience. When I took a moment to reflect on my purpose for attending this program, I thought there are numerous of Pharmacist, medical doctors, and other healthcare professional that have near miss errors and some errors actual lead to patient harm and this needed to be addressed. I want to gain information about how to address this problem and be an advocate towards other Pharmacists which can ultimately help in improving patient centered care. One of the most inspirational individuals was Helen Haskell. Helen showed endurance, and resilience beyond human complicity that reached a part very deep in my heart. Her ability to stand in front of health professionals, whom where the individuals that showed negligence against her son leading to his death. Her tone was not angry, but she was trying to send a message to the future health generation not to hide or ignore problems but to address the problem and be open to fixing it. Helen’s son Lewis death was so tragic and watching the video showed us how to have better handled the situation. Another powerful lecture that intrigued me was by Carole Hemmelgarn. Ms. Hemmelgarn opened my thinking to always approach things from another perspective and know that she to was a victim to a love one dying from health care error impacted my passion for health care safety even more. This is only the first day and I feel a fuel has been ignited for patient safety and a movement needs to grow even larger amongst the healthcare professionals. In addition to the inspirational words I love the interacting with other healthcare professionals such as nursed, and doctors. I am very excited and looking forward for day 2 of The Telluride Experience.