The Telluride Experience Day 2

The second day of the Telluride Experience added fuel towards my interest in patient safety. Dr. Mayer had another great introduction as he open the meeting with a lecture format focused on reflection. Dr. Mayer state, “Be very mindful. This means when you notice things that are not right act on it”. This message had a positive impact since majority of individuals in the healthcare field would not speak up either because they are afraid of the pressure or they do not want to get out of their scope of practice. Another thing that stuck out to me was when John Nance spoke up and said, raise your hand if your institution trains you to be perfect” and 90% of the students raised their hands. Following that question, John asked again, “How many of you are perfect” no one raised their hand. This showed a good example of what the health care role models are doing to the younger generation. I also believe more health care professionals should be exposed to this program to experience these encounters. I also recall when I asked Dr. Christopher on how to approach and experienced Doctor or nurse in the working field if they were wrong. Dr. Christopher, said, “always be polite and formulate the suggestion into a question format.we were also introduced to High reliability tools such as SBAR, ARCC, Validate and Verify., and a checklist. These High reliability tools help in reducing errors. I want to also express my feelings towards the story that was presented to by Jack Gentry. I felt very horrible even though I had not been involved in his situation. Jack lost his ability to be able to walk from a spinal surgery mistake. This can happen to anyone that’s why I believe something has to be done to put a stop to these healthcare errors happening to individuals all over the worlds. The last thing we did on the agenda was go to The Doctors Company, the place was really amazing and they welcomed us with opened arms. I believe they are doing a great job by investing in us individuals whom will be the future of health care professionals because we have the ability to reduce health related errors and we will reduce health related errors too or very close to zero.