The Telluride Opportunity

Patient safety, quality of care, and advocacy for better health outcomes have been the cornerstone in my preparation for my future as an osteopathic physician. As I reflect on my experiences, I analyze the various ways that I have positively impacted patient care regarding safety, quality, and advocacy, as well as cogitate on efforts that could have been improved. I have had the opportunity to work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), medical scribe, and medical assistant in a multitude of capacities, all of which enabled me to have an impact on patient care.

During my time as a medical assistant at an ear, nose, throat, and allergy clinic, I served as an allergy technician and medical assistant staff trainer. It was substantially important that staff who administered immunotherapy injections give the right dosage due to chance for anaphylaxis or subtherapeutic treatment if incorrect. However, I noticed errors in patient charts upon my review regarding injection administration. Other errors became apparent due to discrepancies in training of staff as well. In response, I spoke with the team and identified issues that may have caused the errors and we addressed those areas in a collaborative manner. Additionally, I created a comprehensive training manual and reviewed it with trainers and other staff to improve patient safety and quality of care. As a result, the staff felt more comfortable asking questions and there were little to no errors made after the changes were implemented.

It is vital to advocate for your patients, as well as your team members, in order to foster a collaborative, safe, and education-friendly environment. Currently, I am an advocate for patients as a coordinator for a diabetes prevention program, coaching community members to help achieve their optimal health. Additionally, I volunteer in a rehab center and advocate for improved quality and safety for patients based on individual feedback that is relayed to a case manager. My desire is to continually improve my patient advocacy skills, which may be best accomplished through the Telluride Experience.

The Telluride Experience will not only enable me to improve my personal skill in the improvement of patient safety, care quality, and advocacy, but will equip me to improve the morale of my colleagues and future patients. It was inspiring to read the reflections of past attendees and encouraging to learn about the way that the Telluride Experience events honed their leadership abilities, outlook on advocacy for patient safety and quality of care, and further prepared them to reach their potential to become the best future healthcare provider possible. It will be an honor to work alongside future healthcare providers from different programs and disciplines, learning and discussing patient safety and quality care in a collaborative approach. I know from personal experience that it is important to continually challenge one’s self and strive for the improvement of yourself and your surroundings. I consistently practice fostering an encouraging environment, helping lead others to challenge and further themselves as individuals to better our community and world. The Telluride Experience is a phenomenal opportunity for personal and community growth, and I am confident that the skills acquired during this experience will have a lasting impact in my life and all those I encounter.