It is absolutely amazing to be a part of something so special and realizing a revelation is a foot. There is  an improved focus on  Patient  safety and in need of improvement, and rightly so.  We hear about errors and adverse events occurring all of the time, and I think to myself how can this still be possible in this day of age, but it is.  Engaging with my colleagues I have Appreciated the common issues we have no matter what our specialty or location.  My colleagues here at Telluride 2016 embody the spirit of change needed to continue on the journey of bringing patient safety to the fore front.  We need to take it upon ourselves to address our shortcomings and improve everyday.  We will eventually disperse to our respective locales with the tools sharpened at Telluride, cultivating the seeds at our organizations.  I am excited at what the future holds for patient safety.  We have made improvements in  areas but we have a long  way to go.