Transparency in informed consent

Transparency in informed consent. Its necessary that the physician or the surgeon explains clearly and concisely what will be done in a procedure. I believe when this is done the chances of a law suit are very low since the patient is informed of what is going on. The risks of the procedure must be included as well.

It’s important for patients to question the Doctor and ask if they really need to have a procedure done. No decisions about the patient should be made without the patient’s knowledge. Shared decision making has a high-quality outcome. We can’t prevent errors but we can prevent errors from causing harm. Safety trumps time hence safety before anything else.

Heroic leaders share. When staff is treated with respect, care and compassion, the staff does the same to patients. People in position of authority should not resist change. They should be willing to learn, use data to drive change. Leaders should also have in mind that the patient is the boss and their role is to serve the patient. Complacency is the greatest enemy to a leader, he or she should strive to exceled to new grounds and be innovative. Do the work and improve on how the work is done.

Premature closure is a trap: DO NOT jump to conclusions. Take note of what matters to patients. Sometimes they just want to talk and have someone listen to them.