Some fellow students and I were talking about the concept of ‘true north.’  I think this is a great mental concept to practice as you go through your career.  Your ‘true north” should represent the caregiver you strive to be.  It represents patient centered care, ethical and safe practice, being a leader, and whatever other qualities you find important to providing quality care for your patients.  As soon as you feel yourself drifting away from your ‘true north’ stop yourself, make corrections to your course and find your direction again.  Even though we all have good intentions when we care for our patients of being the best caregiver we can be, it can take just a second, a minor detail or comment to push you off your course and start down an unintended path, a path that will not give your patient the best care possible.  So find your ‘true north’, keep it in your mind, and strive each day to keep yourself pointed in the right direction.