TTE came at an opportune time for me. I have seen the effects of my role as a nurse on the patient experience. I have been an advocate and voice for the patient as well as “eyes and ears” of providers. I hope the qualities I have built on and developed as a nurse and through participating in TTE this summer will carry through as I step into the role of primary care provider, FNP.

The stories of Lewis Blackman, the Sheridan family and others were raw and powerful. I think every healthcare provider should be exposed to such truth in order influence more rapid change. The patient should always be put first. Safety should always be the top priority in the provision of healthcare services. Quality is very nearly guaranteed thereafter. As John Nance said on day one, “patient satisfaction begins with not being hurt or killed by the [hospital].”

It was both moving and motivating to hear these stories as well as the experiences of my peers and the Academy faculty. Thank you for the experience and the camaraderie. It is heartening to know that I am not alone. I have made it my homework to keep up with the Please See Me literary magazine in order to continue to hear other people’s perspectives and experiences in healthcare.