What I learned from the last four days..

The Telluride Patient Safety Experience served as a venue for me to assess my patient care practices from a different viewpoint. It helped me fo find ways I can improve the quality of care that I provide for my patients as a part of the health care team. Small changes in the ways I communicate with my patients, health care team and my patients’ families can have significant impact on my patients ‘ outcomes and satisfaction.

Significance of transparency, empathy, embracing our mistakes and turning them into an opportunity to learn from them to improve the outcome as well as avoiding them in future.

Errors are inevitable. To develop a culture that accepts changes and implements those changes regardless of who suggested the changes rather than a culture of shame and blame is the foundation on which our patients ‘ recovery lies.

This conference also introduced me to some concepts that are new to me like human factors engineering. It also gave me an opportunity to look at certain concepts like PFACQS which I had already some familiarity with a totally different perspective .

Care for the caregivers is also an idea I would be taking Home with me in particular to share with my program to help improve the care that we all provide for our patients.