What’s Your Name Again?

Great first day. LOVED the breakout sessions especially as our group members (GROUP ONE shoutout!) got to know one another and were able to challenge each other in constructive ways.

That being said, some of the most personally provoking points I heard were in these group discussions, especially since they allowed me to reflect inward on my practice.  I mean, patient safety, has to start with the way I live, breath, and carry out the practice of medicine.  Right?

Still, by my own standards (hardening to the “MedStar” standard David raised), I am doing terribly. I don’t even introduce myself thoroughly to patients, especially when I’m on call.

Therefore, as a result of yesterday’s video and discussion, I created my own checklist for when I interact with a patient so I don’t forget anything.

H – HI, my name is Manas Nigam, I’m a resident surgeon here in the hospital responsible for your care. (RE-introduce as necessary!)

E – EVALUATE. This is the reason why I was called in to see you. (And EVERYONE. Who are the other family/friends here with you?)

L – LEVEL – I’m an intern.

L – LEARNED. What do you think is going on here? Is there anything you would like to bring up that we’ve missed? (VERY important, involving the patient in his/her own care, and I think he/she will respect you for it).

O – OVERALL. Ok, so this is the treatment/plan/update. Do mind summarizing to me what we’ve talked about so I know you understand?

So, to all my patients, I say HELLO.