When in Doubt, Bring it Back to the Patient

A powerful day of shared decision making, negotiation tactics, and standing up to the big man. The bottom line is that everyone in healthcare is going to have what on the surface seem like different agendas. We will entrench ourselves over what we think is the right decision based on our training and experiences and the results will be poor outcomes, which lack the power of the collective mind of the team. So how do we fix this? We bring it back to the patient. While on the surface it may seem like our agendas are very different, but the truth is that we all share the same mission – to improve the health quality of life of our patients. Next time you find yourself in a squabble over patient care priorities, stop and ask the other team member to walk you through their thought process. I think you will find that their end goal is very similar, they have just chosen a different route based on their experiences. By working together with effective communication, we can create further value, rather than fighting for our fair share of the pie.